Men's Circle

The Mental Fitness Club ♂️




We run weekly self-development sessions run by our professional facilitators.  We're challenging you to be a better man 💪



Treat your mental fitness like your physical fitness; with consistent practice, challenge, and encouragement. 

Work on your:

  • 📈 Growth mindset

  • 🖐 Boundaries 

  • 🤓 Emotional intelligence 
  • 💣 Triggers
  • 💌 Self-care
  • 👁️ Self-awareness
  • 💬 Listening & Feedback
  • 🔒 Accountability 
  • 👍 Self-esteem 
  • 🤥 Authenticity 
  • 💪 Resilience 


Join one of our weekly circles on zoom, led by our trained facilitators. 
(You don't have to talk in your first circle)

We also have socials, retreats, facilitator training, and 
an online community network.


My wife says my 'asshole alarm' is going off less since joining Men's Circle.

... a sense of community and comradeship where healthy, meaningful conversation takes place. It's provided me with a deepening sense of self-appreciation, confidence and peace.

...its not okay to just 'man up and deal with it'... instead talk with a community of men all ready to listen... I have tackled loneliness and found a good tribe of men to call friends.

...A forum to learn, grow, and reflect on who I am as a Man... it has helped to re-prioritize my life's purpose.


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